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I have a Panasonic TV with integrated Freeview how can I record Freeview channel

I have a Panasonic TV with integrated Freeview how can I record Freeview channels on to my Panasonic video recorder? I can record BBC 1 & 2 and ITV 1 & 2 and C 4 & 5 but not the Freeview channels.

I have a Panasonic TV with integrated Freeview how can I record
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If you want to record Freeview channels you need a device with a Freeview receiver in it. Just as your VCR has its own analogue tuner in it, if you want to record a Freeview channel you need a suitable device.

You can buy PVRs (personal video recorders) or DVD recorders (or combined devices) which are suitable for recording Freeview. I highly recommend the former as no tapes are required and the programs can be chosen to record with a single button press from the electronic programme guide.

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Monday, 3 December 2012

11:48 PM

chrissie warnes: What type (model) of device are you referring to? and is it Freeview - Freesat or Sky?

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB
Saturday, 12 October 2013
Jordi Corominas
9:53 PM

Panasonic models num.DMR-EX77EB, DMR-EX87EB, I have no problem to watch all free view but I can not record BBC ITV others use to enter 1,2,3 others untill PIKTV,, AV1,2 or 3, is there any new numbers to enter to record.
Tank you JC

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Jordi Corominas's 1 post GB
Sunday, 13 October 2013

9:44 AM

Jordi Corominas: If you are viewing a Freeview channel and wish to record a programme that's about to start then press the "Drive Select" button (top left hand side of the remote control) and select HDD, followed by pressing "REC" button when the programme starts, the important point being NOT to have a disc inserted into the tray as this will automatically switch the recording mode over to disc.

If though you want to record a programme from the EPG list then press "Guide" (top of large centre button) and select the programme from the list then pressing "OK", you should then see the timer recording icon (small clock hands) appear in the recorders display indicating that recording from standby has been activated.

At no time is it necessary to enter channel numbers or alter the AV inputs as only AV1 should be used anyway, this being to connect the recorder into the TV.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB
Sunday, 22 December 2013
11:54 AM

I have a Panasonic LCD TV
( Model TX-32LXD85) and a DVD recorder
(Model DMR-EZ48VEB and I am completely unable to figure out how to record from the TV to a video tape as I thought I was supposed to be able.
Not very technologically minded !!
Have both a Scart lead and HDMI cable.
It will not record direct from the TV and if I do it through the DVD, it records a blank page for the channel saying 'no signal'
Help please !

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Caroline's 1 post GB

3:47 PM

Caroline: Your TV should not really be required for any purpose other than to play back what you have previously recorded on the DVD (or VCR) as the Panasonic recorder mentioned is a Freeview device capable of storing its own channels, that is "if" you have the aerial connected into the recorders "RF in" and with a coax jumper lead from the recorders "RF out" going into the TV's aerial socket.?

Should you already have the two devices connected in this fashion then have you as yet carried out an auto-tune on the recorder to load all of the channels available into the device? this achieved via the recorders function menu / set up.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB
Wednesday, 12 November 2014
1:00 AM

Caroline: cannot record some channels like bbc1 & bbc2. Tried but where is the auto tune button on the recorder

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Larry's 1 post GB

5:57 PM

Larry : On this particular recorder, auto tuning starts as soon as the box is powered up from the mains supply, and so if the aerial leads have been connected as described in my previous reply? ( important that they are) switch off the power supply to the box and wait for 30 seconds or so before switching it back on again, be aware though that on this model auto tuning can take up to 5 minutes.

That said, do you have the manual for this model? and have you set it up as far as the clock and PIN number is concerned? only reason for asking being that it would enable me to refer to instructions on page numbers thereby avoiding lengthy explanations having to be necessary, as the menu system on the EZ48 doesn't really come into the category of being straightforward.

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jb38's 7,179 posts GB
Thursday, 18 December 2014
Graham Lewendon

4:30 AM
Saffron Walden

Preparations on TV Via manual down loadable from PANASONIC TX-32LXD85 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL Pdf Download. Begin at page 38 and study instructions through to page 43.

VHS/DVDR deck Preparation See page 28 in relevant user guide (can be freely downloaded) Your model DMR-EZ48VEB is forerunner of my own (DMR EZ49B) simply google DMR-EZ48VEB

Things to remember or check.

(1) You will have to select via remote control the correct video input AV1-AV2 skart sockets on rear panel or AV3 at front of machine these are RCA phono and S-Video. But avoid all this by selecting TV as an input source rather than AV 1or 2 or 3 and pick VHS for recording all from menu with remote controller. When recording TV signal you must have recorder set for PAL (English TV system) not NTSC (American TV system) you might see some sort of picture but in black and white and out of vertical position if your lucky!

(2) Regarding no BBC 1 & BBC2 etc. sometimes you have to remove aerial from device socket perform full tuning set up as if you have just come home with new equipment then reattach aerial to equipment and repeat tuning again. This wipes out rubbish and all tuning data and reloads with latest tuning data and is given as corrective advice in other parts of this web site.

If your determined to use TV as tuner following notes may help

(3) When using HDMI lead between TV and recorder you cannot set TV skart out to RGB `as the recorder inputs skart has the RGB option greyed out and can not be selected. So set the in and out skarts to video on TV and recorder.

(4) You have to select recorder input source via menu using remote control and have your skart plugged into correct socket - Selecting wrong socket will result in blacked out screen

(5) Re question to Larry there is no auto tune button all tuning most other functions and much of day to day operation is done with remote control in the menu system my machine has a few control buttons behind a small front panel flap but no auto tune button except as stated above.

(6) Not all skart leads are fully wired (have all terminals connected) To verify wire ring status see termination details as per page 51 of TV guide some skart leads can be carefully opened by unscrewing ferrule that secures and holds connector to cable outer sheathing together but beware the signal wires are very small and fragile so rough handling may result in cable detaching from non solderable crimped termination. Other moulded connector types require checking with a simple ohm metre (DVM) shops that sell this equipment should be able to show you which of their skart leads are or are not fully wired if assistant knows less than you go to better shop.

(7) Quality skart leads are not cheap but will use decent grade thick conductors / terminal pins/spade connector's and cables with a good layer of inner and outer insulation also the screen between each cable will be better so you'll get less cross talk between wires thus recordings and playback will be better The cable will properly be fatter than mains cable fitted to high power electric fires
Hope this helps

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Graham Lewendon's 29 posts GB
Monday, 23 March 2015
9:15 PM

I have a sky+box & wish to cancel my subscription.
I have a bush tv with built in freeview & a recording facility with a CI slot & usb port.
Can I record free to air channels to a USB flash drive and replay them?
Do I need a different viewing card or can I use the one I have?
Will this effect my broadband & calls?

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Barry's 1 post GB

10:07 PM

Barry: Ok - its got a usb slot, and you'll have to check with the manual if you can record to it and what you can use (could use a certain type of file, such as FAT32, and perhaps a certain size, say 32gb and below - so check).

Since Bush is an Argos 'own brand' I have little idea about them. However, the thing I caution all customers is that even if you can record to the USB, there might be very good reasons not to do so.

The first is that the TV has one tuner (and being a bush, probably just a Freeview tuner). So you can record one channel, say BBC 1. But you cannot watch another channel at the same time, because it only has that single tuner. Its also not really designed as a PVR, and God knows what the setup menu is like on the Bush.

Frankly, make your life easy, and buy a Humax Freesat PVR. Its a straight swapout for the Sky + Box (instructions are even on this website) and it will allow you to record on two channels at once and watch either something from the TV tuner or something recorded earlier. About 170 quid for the 500gb version, and 199 for the 1tb version. You can even get all four channels on demand.

Or a Humax/panasonic PVR for Freeview HD - starts from 140 notes for the 320gb version.

No, whatever you do has nothing at all to do with your broadband/phone, unless you get something with smart functions, and even then, it just uses broadband in the same way as your PC.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
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